Dating within your church online dating for bikers

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Dating within your church

This is why it’s not a coincidence church guys often bring up the future and express their desire for a long-term future commitment when they talk about dating.

Sure, sometimes it can be a little forced and other times a little creepy, but I still applaud the attitude.

This is why church guys can sometimes talk to their girlfriends about the future with the rhetoric of God’s sovereign provisions without practically applying how he’s going to take the necessary steps through budgeting, savings, and finding a job.

He keeps wondering why she has such a hard time trusting God with the future when her trust problem isn’t really with God, but with him.

I’ll also be heading to jail that day (kidding of course).

But seriously speaking, if and when that time comes, I hope she dates a “church guy.”What do I mean by “church guy?

They have a Good Head on Their Shoulders I like to believe the average “church guy” has a relatively sound outlook and perspective on life. I would hope for my daughter’s future boyfriend to have a moral grid of right and wrong as defined by God.

A lot of church culture is cerebral, and that’s why sometimes the guys who can give the best answers rise to leadership even though they can’t and won’t live out half of what they’re selling.

And so eventually, a church culture is created where men aren’t challenged and provoked, but comfortable. But this is simply symptomatic of the larger picture.

They Lack Ambition This is probably the case with guys in general, but sometimes church guys come off like they’re searching for the life path of least resistance. So maybe the accusers are the ones off-centered and imbalanced because laziness is idolatrous.

Maybe they need to become more ambitious and say along with John Wesley, attractive.3. Church guys are by-products of their Christian and church sub-culture. I think everyone is in a sub-culture to a certain degree.

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