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An anthropomorphic broomstick is shown walking in the forest.

Anna uses the dagger to force Rumplestiltskin to give her the box, saying he will never harm either of the sisters and their family and to turn the apprentice back in to his human form.

He goes on to tell her that the man is just the first line of defense.

In order to open the box he needs magic from someone who faced their inner darkness and succeeded as he was planning on Anna not giving the antidote.

They go to the cottage and Rumplestiltskin states he won't change the man back if they find him because he is protecting the box.

Anna realizes that Rumplestiltskin is the person who poisoned the Apprentice.

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He urges her to run him through with the sword but she collapses after having a thought about actually killing Rumplestiltskin.