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Bush-league beginnings Actors on Degrassi: Next Class now show up with agents and dreams of fame, but back in the '80s, it was much more bush-league.Brogren claimed the cast never thought the show would catch on, so they concentrated on having fun and trying not to think about business.This is so wrong because teens should be able to develop their own perspective on such things without someone shoving political correctness down their throats like that.The show had a good idea and turned it into a complete mess which is a shame because Degrassi Next Generation was a cult classic and a lot of people (including me) grew up watching it.Compare that to Degrassi: The Next Generation’s ongoing story about Marco (Adam Ruggiero) coming out over the course of several seasons, or Degrassi: Next Class, where there have been openly gay characters from the outset.Art imitated life Observant Degrassi writers kept close tabs on the actors and tried to incorporate events from their real lives into the show: the real-life divorce of Mistysyn’s parents inspired a storyline where Caitlin’s parents split up; Wheels' adopted parents died after Neil Hope’s father passed away; and the classic episode where Joey, Snake and Wheels go for a joy ride in Snake’s parents car was based on an incident when Mastroianni took some of the actors for a drive in the production shuttle bus.

Here, the most memorable moments and trivia tidbits from the broomheads' delight.

The F-bomb heard around the world The finale of Degrassi High—1992’s feature-length School’s Out!

—has achieved mythical status over the last 25 years, largely thanks to Brogren’s use of the F-word: “Joey Jeremiah spends his summer dating Caitlin and fucking Tessa.” It was the first time anyone had dropped the F-bomb on Canadian-produced prime-time television.

Brogren, now a producer and director on Degrassi: Next Class, lamented the passing of Neil Hope. He added that if you mention “old Degrassi,” most kids think you are talking about the 2001-era Next Generation episodes with Drake or Shenae Grimes.

They started from the bottom The actors discussed their disparate paths to getting on the show.

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Before becoming Caitlin Ryan, Mistysyn had a role in the show's precursor, Kids of Degrassi Street, as a background character called Amanda.