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' This is not the first time To Catch a Cheater has hit the headlines.

In February a girlfriend tested her plumber boyfriend's faithfulness by setting up a honeytrap where a lingerie-clad actress tried to seduce him while he was working.

All I'm asking is, let me take a leave of absence and get into heavy therapy and counseling,' wrote Weinstein in the email, which was read by one of the recipients to Janice Min.'Whether is be in a facility or somewhere else, allow me to resurrect myself with a second chance.'He went on to state that 'a lot of the allegations are false' before asking that the men and women he contacted send an email to his personal account backing him, which he could in turn present to the Weinstein Company board.

Min later tweeted: 'Confirmed: among the power players who refused to support Weinstein were Ron Meyer, David Zaslav, Jeffrey Katzenberg.'That was followed by a tweet stating: 'One big player who refused to respond positively to Weinstein's email plea tells me he replied in essence: "no f-ing chance."' Reaching out: Harvey Weinstein fired off an email to other CEOs (oncluding Ron Meyer above in 2013 with Weinstein) and movie moguls on Sunday, just before he was fired by the Weinstein Company board of directors'I need you to send a letter to my private gmail address,' wrote Weinstein.'The letter would only go to the board and no one else.'He continued: 'We believe that what the board is trying to do is not only wrong but might be illegal and would destroy the company.'If you could write this letter backing me, getting me the help and time away I need, and also stating your opposition to the board firing me, it would help me a lot.'The letters, if any were sent, did little good in the end, with the board of directors at Weinstein Company announcing on Sunday that they were terminating their founder in the wake of what they claimed were newly discovered allegations.'In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged int the past few days, the directors of the Weinstein Company - Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg and Tarak Ben Ammar - have determined an have informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately,' the board wrote in a statement. All I’m asking, is let me take a leave of absence and get into heavy therapy and counseling.

The model, wearing a skin-tight dress, claimed she was on her way to a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot.

'It is time to repair, heal, accept responsibility and recover.'He also wrote that Bloom had a potential conflict of interest given that Weinstein had agreed to develop a book she wrote into a series.

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The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal has heated up over the past 24 hours, with multiple stars speaking out against the executive and the directors of his company announcing that he has been terminated from his post.

That news took many by surprise, but not Weinstein it seems based on a desperate email he fired off just before he was fired on Sunday.'My board is thinking of firing me.

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She said in the video: 'You know we've been married a long time and every time we get into an argument he calls me names.