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The withdrawal of the Regulations for Higher Elementary Schools in 191847.

The raising of the age of exemption in 1919 to the end of the term in which the fourteenth birthday is reached and the final abolition of partial exemption in 1921 have been followed by an increase in the number of children remaining at school beyond the age of exemption (2) Those concerned with industries connected with engineering in which machinery is largely used and in which the scientific principles underlying the construction and use of machinery are of great importance88.

The Committee's conclusion on the desirability of providing arrangements for transferring children, in cases where it is desirable, from Secondary Schools to Central Schools and vice versa.

The existing sources from which teachers for these Schools might be drawn.

The views of other witnesses on the possible institution of a School Leaving Certificate for pupils in Modern Schools which could be signed by the head teacher and countersigned by the local Secretary or Director of Education176.

The proposed special examination for pupils of the age of 15 in post-primary Schools should not be established for at least three years, and should be adjusted to the needs of a broad and generous curriculum180.

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The problem to which the Committee were asked to address themselves is one of wide scope which raises issues affecting not only the educational system, but also the general social and industrial organisation of the country, and it will be obvious that, if the Board had postponed the issue of the Report until they had been able to give it the full consideration which its contents require, its presentation to the public would have been considerably delayed.

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