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A CAF is short for Common Assessment Framework and generally they are put into place once invovlement with Children's Services has finished to ensure that the family are still receiving the support from professionals that ensure the families needs are being met and that things are getting back on track.CAF's have to be consented by the parent/s and this will involve the lead professional discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the family and the actions that are agreed at the Team Around the Family meeting (TAF).CAFs are very, very common so please don't feel alone.Unfortunately they are pretty much the only way to get all the professionals together in order to support you properly, as once one is in place the expectations on them increases.

Quite a bit had already been filled in which I didn't get to see.

It asked a lot of personal questions about me and my children.

I suffer with addiction (gambling) previously drink but am over that.

If you want them to check with you before showing it to anyone then make sure that's written on the consent sheet.

You can pull out of a CAF at anytime and refuse to take part in things if you don't feel they'll support you.

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I was just asked a few extra things or to clarify a few bits already filled in. They want to get my close relatives involved as they are part of my support network. My family know about my addiction and have helped me out of debt in the past but I don't feel strong enough or ready to tell them I've fallen back into it again.