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Evan and anna dating

At the end, she took it off completely so that he could dance his solo, completely unencumbered. Bruno has bitter body envy and vowed to never take off his own clothes again. Evan Lysacek and Anna T.: The only things that make Evan happy are coffee, cars and his nephew, so that's what he was supposed to think about during his foxtrot. It was actually a lot more masculine and impressive than it sounds.

His pectoral muscles literally bounced to the beat. Carrie Ann said Chad lights up the room with is charisma. He did smile more than usual during the routine, but did anyone else think it was kind of creepy? And the whole thing ended with a huge, sloppy kiss. Evan and Nicole are in the lead with 59 points a piece, with Erin just behind them with 55, and Chad right below that with 52.

Len said there wasn't a lot of cha-cha in the routine but regardless, Nicole just has to be in the finale. Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke: Even though Chad is the worst dancer left, I still would much rather watch him be a little awkward in the movement than watch Evan be awkward in life. Carrie Ann said Chad has a new fluidity and refinement. Len thought it was "absolutely wonderful." Bruno said Evan was "high as a kite." Carrie Ann finally felt the connection. The routine didn't really have anything to do with the forest but OK!

And I think Bruno said she was the "sexilicious purple queen of the cha-cha-cha." I think. Len said it was "fantastic." And Bruno said, "We knew there was something there for us to see, tonight you showed it to us." All 9s. At the very beginning of their samba, Cheryl ripped open Chad's shirt. Len thought Chad did a "great job" with the toughest of the Latin dances. For his solo, Evan ripped off Anna's skirt, then danced around with it.

Carrie Ann said, "Honey, that was amazing," and added that Erin was "in [her] power." Len wasn't a fan of Maks "funky monkey" paso choreography. Then, in a last ditch effort for your pity, Bergeron made a Spartacus joke.

But last night, it was like nothing ever happened ...

(Although, thankfully, that reunion went belly-up by the summer.)In addition to Alexander's steadfast adoration of Miss Bosworth, the vampire drama seems to have had a good luck charm effect on the love lives of the other cast members as well: The show's leads, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, got married in real life, and Mariana Klaveno, who plays Bill's vampire maker and crazy ex, recently got engaged, as did hunky wolf, Joe Manganiello.

Enjoy the best moments of La Mentira, based on an original story by Caridad Bravo Adams, and starred by Kate del Castillo and Guy Ecker.

Chad promised Brooke Burke he'd take off his pants next week if he made it to the finals, soooo America, I think you know who to vote for. I know, I know, I asked for it, but it just felt like he was more, "Look at me! Bruno said Evan has passion and "balls." Carrie Ann described the performance as "guttural." Len said the celeb men don't usually dominate in the paso doble, but Evan did. It's a tight race, and as much as I'd like Chad to stick around and get naked next week, I'm afraid after being in the bottom two last week, his time may be up.

which stars Platt as the title character, opened on Broadway last month to rave reviews.

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Ecker played Demetrio Azunsolo, who wants to take revenge after his beloved half-brother, Ricardo Platas, commits suicide because he was betrayed by a selfish and greedy woman.

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