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Feed sex

Like too many kids in the state's care, she disappeared into the underworld of sex trafficking.

Every time you have sex, you give someone the greatest gift they will ever receive. There's Jean, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who at 16 turned to a Dallas pimp for food, shelter and affection amid a slow-burning crisis in the state's foster care system.And Lena, a foster child who at 17 became one of the youngest inmates in the Harris County Jail, even though authorities knew she was a victim of child sex trafficking.She was brutally punished in some of those places — thrown to the ground and restrained, made to stand on milk crates for hours — and sexually assaulted. She wound up in the emergency room twice for suicidal thoughts.After Mia ran from one foster care facility, police found her in a park; she told them she had been having sex for money.

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They have also failed to confront the role the child welfare system plays in providing a supply of vulnerable kids to criminals waiting to exploit them.

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