Feeling dating

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Not knowing the details of an upcoming dating event will likely lead to more anxiety.Don’t be afraid to voice your wishes and participate in making the dating plans.

Only the younger one brought up age, wondering if I’d date a younger man.

Men select their age preferences when they’re in search mode so if you’re not in their preferred age range, you won’t appear as they browse.

Each dating site has its own peculiarities regarding age selection.

By learning and practicing relaxation techniques, you will be able to reduce the level of your anxiety before embarking on your dating adventure.

Some techniques that may be helpful include: Deep Breathing Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guided Imagery Mindfulness Meditation Journaling If you don’t feel the date went well because you were anxious, don’t beat yourself up.

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Some days I’m a mix of both: creaky but happy about seeing a beautiful sunrise.

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