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Finbar dating

Danny disappears from his neighbourhood in the hope of solving the mystery, and traces the call to Stockholm.

Not finding Finbar, Danny follows leads to the far north, to Lappland, looking for Finbar.

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Finbar gets the chance to play soccer on a team going to Sweden but can't handle it and comes back.

This ambitious and sloppy, yet occasionally likeable, cross-European fable about people losing touch with one another had been sitting on the shelf for two years.

However, its arrival on screens is largely due to the appearance of Rhys Meyers, in this his third film of the month (after Velvet Goldmine and The Governess).

The film also won the Audience Prize at Midnight Sun Film Festival, Finland, 1997, and Best New Feature at the Galway Film Festival 1997.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers received a nomination for British Newcomer of the Year at the London Film Critics Circle Awards 1998.

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