Gender role identity and dating behavior what is the relationship who is robert dating

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What are the boundaries beyond which relationship marketing and the increased investment necessary are not likely to be profitable?

Under what circumstances is a transactional strategy more appropriate?

Garbarino and Johnson (1999) empirically segmented the customers of a theater company (high and low relational) and test whether they differ in their evaluations of future intentions to attend subscribe and donate.

Their focus was on what different role satisfaction, trust, and commitment played for high relational and low relational customers.

Similarly, most research in consumer relationship marketing is based on theoretical frameworks developed in western cultures, primarily the U. It is quite possible that the benefits received, or their importance, in firm-consumer relationships may be very different when considered in other cultural contexts.

This paper fills a gap in the current thinking about how to identify consumers who are more likely to engage in relational behavior by considering these missing links.

Fournier, Dobscha, and Mick (1998 p.44) suggest that relationship marketing is powerful in theory but troubled in practice", due to the fact that firms are attempting relational initiatives with all customers, without regard to the customers’ relational orientations.

In discussing two definitions of relationship marketing, Peterson (1995 p.278) pulls out common threads of the idea of individual customer-seller relationship, that both parties in the relationship benefit, that the relationship is longitudinal in nature [and that] the focus is on retaining customers".

While definitions differ with respect to scope and specifics, some common ideas persist.

These authors suggest a variety of cognitive, sociological and institutional factors that may be influential on consumer partnering with firms.

This paper builds on Sheth and Partivayar’s (1995) framework by proposing that the relational behavior of consumers is also affected by gender and culture.

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Antecedent variables determining which consumers were high versus low relational were not addressed.