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Obviously he bought it at the auction and that was the first time he had seen it, and that was the reason that the first time he mentions the skull is not until after the auction (10 years after he supposedly found it.) The truth is plain in the letter he wrote to his brother.

It’s pretty darn obvious to anyone that wants to read it, and that’s why devotees need to weave this web to try to explain it away.

” I leave it up to Giorgio Tsoukalos to defend himself, but it is clear that he means here that we’ve labeled them giants, but that maybe we should call them extraterrestrial instead.

Yet White interprets this statement to say that Tsoukalos is claiming the word Nephilim has been mistranslated as giants and should be instead translated as extraterrestrial! But my point is that the word means big, and the context of the stories support that idea, their height is mentioned etc.

Hence, the true importance of the auction might have been totally missed by the skeptics.

It is true that Mitchell-Hedges began to speak about the skull only in the late 1940s, but, rather than this being evidence that he acquired it in 1943, it might be evidence that from 1943 onwards he felt liberated and able to speak openly about it, knowing that he now legally possessed it and no one could take it away from him.” So you basically take the story Anna put out after the Sotheby’s auction stuff surfaced, which basically says that Hedges did find it in the jungle like he always maintained, but that after that he loaned it to Sydney Burney for 10 years for safe keeping, and then Burney’s son tried to auction it, so Hedges had to rush down and buy it from the auction. You only add the twist that in addition, it was also a clever scheme for him to gain perfectly legal ownership of the skull.

” But as I mentioned, the reason why this is irrelevant is that nothing they did in that study had any bearing on whether it was a fake or not.

There was no dating of the skull or investigation of tool marks. I was aware of that study too, I even referred to it in the film.

But White either is not aware of this, or as it does not fit his agenda, disregards it.I will use the subject of the crystal skulls as the first example.The conclusion of this section is, for White, the following: “In conclusion, all of the proposed crystal skulls have now been conclusively proven to be hoaxes.He used that connection to have this non-test in order to give the impression of credibility for his upcoming book.He would be able to say “Oh yeah, it was even studied buy Hewlett Packard!

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