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The conference room of Share Chat’s sparsely furnished office overlooks one of the entrances to Forum Mall in Kormangala, the neighbourhood in Bengaluru most famous for its numerous start-ups.

“If it succeeds, it’s a company that will have several hundred million users using it every month.While they were working on the debating product, the trio created 600 Whats App groups and found themselves being added to various other groups without their consent, based on what they were sharing.“My full name is actually Mohammed Farid Ahsan, and one day I found that I was added to the Mumbai Shiv Sena group. We realized that the people in these groups only cared about whether they get pictures and videos that they liked, and they would encourage those that posted them,” said Ahsan.They then decided to become a one-stop shop for vernacular content and “think their way through that” as they “already knew that debates sucked”.We usually account for some spike during festivals but this was just crazy,” said Farid Ahsan, co-founder and chief executive officer of Share Chat, run by Mohalla Tech Pvt. “We faced a loss but it was a good learning that the product had found some market fit and we will see some kind of traffic going forward.”Share Chat was founded in January 2015 by Ahsan, Ankush Sachdeva and Bhanu Singh, who studied at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, where they were part of a larger group of students prototyping and building software products.After building products around real estate, crime analysis and debates among others, the three had stumbled onto the fact that Indians wanted content in their own languages and that it was not easily discoverable.

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To put that in context, today, Facebook has about 160 million users in India and it’s the largest internet service in India.