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In this way, researchers have counted 110,000 annual layers down the GISP2 core and supposedly verified their chronology.

There are a number of problems with this claim of counting 110,000 annual layers, however.67 [See Do Greenland Ice Cores Show over One Hundred Thousand Years of Annual Layers?

Deep ice cores in Antarctica are almost exclusively dated by this method.

The oxygen isotope ratio is a general measure of temperature, but many other variables can affect the ratio.

Annual layers show up quite well at the top of the ice core in a number of measured variables, such as oxygen isotope ratios, dust, various chemicals, and differences in the ice between summer and winter.

It is claimed that one can count these annual layers down the core, like counting tree rings in a tree to determine its age.

The mechanism is much too weak to cause such dramatic climate change as an ice age.

The main reason for drilling another ice core so close to GRIP is because of the surprisingly rapid oscillations in the oxygen isotope ratio during the last supposed interglacial, about 120,000 years ago according to the evolutionary/uniformitarian timescale.13 Scientists had previously noted such rapid back-and-forth climate changes in other Greenland ice cores during the glacial period.

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