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" Another approach is buying more caramel fudge than you can possibly eat, and offering to share it with someone.

Fudge is irresistible unless you are a vegan---in which case the Farmers' Market offers a lovely dairy-free alternative.

The pitcher of beer infiltration may be applied to other establishments in the city.

Gus' Pub (2605 Agricola Street, 423-7786) has a Motown night called It Felt Like a Kiss one Tuesday a month, and you might meet your soulmate while dancing to The Supremes.

I'm single and bored, but too proud to admit bored means "lonely." Maybe you're of the same ilk.

I did some research and it turns out we're not alone.

If the author is pulling a James Frey and feeding a platter of bullshit, the reader will know. This theory can also be applied to your public transit commute (halifax.ca/metrotransit). " maybe won't work, but you can safely deduce the dude has a destination. If you talk for the whole ferry ride, ask him to lunch sometime.

Don't tell someone your dog is a descendent of the Egyptian empire, because that's weird and you're lying. Especially if the same cute guy is on your ferry every single morning and you're getting sick of all the music on your i Pod. Or string it out and ask after a week of commute chatting.

Being open to meeting someone is a great way to open up multitudes of other exciting things in your life. Right now, it's Sunday morning and you're going to the Forum Flea Market (2901 Windsor Street, 463-1406).A person with some fudge can be a hot commodity in this environment.If you have a dog, you can take your fudge and your puppy to the Halifax Common, Fort Needham or Point Pleasant Park.But if you're really feeling nervous, try the cure-all for ice breaking."You're making that ____ [bike, coffee, velour suit] look good." Sure it's silly, but it's forward and can be applied to anything.

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Imagine for a moment it is true that it's not who we are, but what we like that connects us.

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