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The overall dream of winning a gold medal was more important than anything we accomplished as individuals.

The image of Craig with the American flag draped over his shoulders at Lake Placid, N.To lose that game, as tough as it was, and asking them to come back so quickly was asking a lot of these guys.As much as their hearts wanted to do well [Saturday], I think they were out of gas." Craig believes the gold and bronze medal games should be played on the same day and knows the Fins also played on Friday, but noted that they still had an extra three or four hours to rest and that could have made a difference."When you get older you understand what it means when someone gives you the most opportunity. Before my mom died, she told me that when people die they don't lost their strength, they pass it on," he said. When we won the gold, I knew my father would be thinking what a wonderful moment it was and that my mom was sharing it with us in spirit. They're really, really good players.' I was just smiling." Craig, who won the 1978 NCAA title while playing for the Terriers, usually doesn't have a problem being recognized in and around Boston. It gave me an idea of how people felt about our team and the impact we had on people. Got a news tip, want to let me know directly what you think, or have a complaint or compliment about my "aggressively relevant" content, hit me up on our Obnoxious Boston Fan Facebook page, on Twitter @real OBF or e-mail me at [email protected] If you're reading this list - then you already know about the other talented folks on and Boston I wanted to show him the respect that I was thinking of her. There was plenty of time to celebrate." Craig said the Olympic success enjoyed by Bruins' goalie Tuukka Rask and Team Canada's Carey Price will help those goalies improve when they return to NHL play. "It was really fun to see this guy in Rochester talk about team, the U.

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"Sure, there's a play or two you might remember - Mark Johnson's goal [which tied the score 3-3 against the Soviets] or a save that I made.

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