Honda motorcycle dating certificate

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Honda motorcycle dating certificate

During what might be called the golden days of Route 66 there was a tunnel which ran underneath Route 66 at this very spot, directly between the school and this church.The tunnel was constructed to give children and adults alike safe passage to and from the church.When Bunyon's closed the owners were offered ,000 for Tall Paul but decided instead to "permanently loan" it to the City of Atlanta as one of their Route 66 Heritage Exhibits. We continue our way to the rare still drivable brick-paved 2 lane roads from 1931!Located just off this section Rick is waiting for us with antiques, collectibles and great selection of Route 66 souvenirs. Meet you downtown at our hotel where we enjoy a great Welcome Dinner and celebration with your fellow riders.Before that you may want to visit some of the highlights Chicago has got to offer: a river sightseeing tour, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, Sphere, some blues or jazz clubs - just to name a few. First we drive to the rental location and do paperwork for both rental and insurance.If we get to Pontiac before 5PM we should visit the museum and Packard showroom in town for a preview of the adventure which lies ahead.Don’t forget to take a picture of the mural on the wall of the museum!

It’s here that you’ll find that kitsch classic, the Gemini giant.As the American landscape changed most of these enormous men were eventually retired.But here in Wilmington, the large green man holds on.It’s a 30 foot tall fiberglass "muffler man" from the 1960s.Back in those days these giant colossal men were all over the good old US of A.

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When he finished, Angus was seen to ride back out of town, the same way he had come in.