Hospital accomodating patients

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Hospital accomodating patients

You are the go to person for most of the members of the team at the Day Hospital.

We value your experience and calm approach on day to day issues.

The whole procedure was quick and easy but they did identify a problem so suggested she had her eyes tested by an optician.I was the on call manager at the weekend and would like to thank all the teams for their heroic efforts ensuring all patients were safe over one of the busiest weekends of the year.ED was exceptionally busy with resus full most of the time.Thank you for always supporting the team in a way that encourages us to drive changes in how we treat our patients.You are always passionate and encouraging which always makes a difference.

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Thank you Faye for all you have done to support us on the ward and for all your efforts helping where you can whilst the ward has been under stresses.

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