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Posted by / 14-Nov-2016 16:46

This is partly why so many single people complain that it’s “difficult to meet people”. This dating app mitigates the possibility of rejection because it only creates ‘matches’ based on mutual interest.

Thanks to this information, you can more easily decide who you like and who you don't.

Be warned that some of the photos in Hot or Not can be quite suggestive.

While most members upload normal dating profile photos, some are more suggestive than others although no nudity is allowed.

If finding love isn’t compelling enough, Hot or Not is running a sweepstakes right now offering you the chance to win 00. So if you’re looking for a Valentine or just want to make new friends, check out this fun-filled dating app.

Hot or Not is an app that allows you to look at the profiles of other people who use the same service, focusing particularly on their photographs, in order to decide if you like them or not (if you think they are attractive or not).

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In addition, at first it will only show you people that are somehow connected to you, and later it will begin to show all of the people in your city and in the surrounding area.