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Posted by / 08-Feb-2017 16:30

Htc news widget not updating

Looking at user reports on Reddit, Pixel and Nexus devices seem to be the most affected, with some other miscellaneous devices, including the Galaxy S8, seeing the same issue.It also isn’t happening solely in the US, with reports coming from multiple regions around the globe including the UK.For reasons unknown, the service refuses the cards that give it its functionality, instead simply showing the message “failed to load cards,” regardless of the network connection.For me, the issue has only been appearing on my Pixel XL (Android 7.1.2), not my Galaxy S8 or my Huawei Mate 9.Once you have made sure that your phone can go online the next thing to consider as to why your phone does not update apps are the apps themselves.Did you get the apps from the Google Play Store or did you sideload them to your phone?Sideloading is when you copy the APK installer file of the app to your phone then clicking on it to install it.

I have tried powering off/on, soft reset, Wi FI on and off.

Google Now is an incredibly convenient service, and many have come to rely on it pretty heavily.

Currently, though, there seems to be an issue with the service, rendering it useless to affected users. has been able to trace the cause of this issue back to a server-side test, as well as confirming the same cause for a Google Play bug that removes all content from the main screen.

Since this is a server-side test, not all phones or accounts will be affected, but users who are will likely have to sit tight until Google resolves things.

According to several users on a growing Reddit thread, multiple users on Twitter, as well as both myself and my colleague Abner Li, Google Now has been having some issues for the past few days.

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