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EU politicians gave the project its name, while energy companies and governments are attempting to breathe life into it by pushing for concrete projects.The best-known pipeline project in the southern gas corridor is Nabucco.If both were to be launched, it is unclear what the positions of those countries and of the EU would be.Overlapping routes All the pipeline projects, including Nabucco and South Stream, incorporate sections of existing pipelines.

The Manufacturing segment manufactures innovative carpets, yarn products, as well as a reseller of hard surface flooring products. is engaged in the business of mining, acquiring and producing gold and silver.Its portfolio of projects under construction includes the mother lode.Russia's South Stream would also bypass Ukraine, via a large offshore section which avoids the country's territorial waters.Nabucco, for its part, is highly dependent on its transit arrangements with Turkey, as about half of the planned pipeline stretches across the country.

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Political dimensions However some governments, and Russia in particular, are pushing for their projects irrespective of their cost-efficiency.

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