Intimate adult chat

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Intimate adult chat

People with larger social circles and more close friends also tend to have higher levels of self-esteem, which in turn gives them a greater feeling of control in their life.This in turn makes you more likely to take care of your health than someone who feels like they’re helpless to improve.We don’t want to risk them mistaking our openness or affection for making a pass at them.Even in this day and age with greater acceptance of homosexuality, straight men , knawhuimmsayin? And I don’t mean someone you game with or go out on the town or the ever classic “help you move bodies”. Having few intimate friends is quite literally dangerous to your health.

People who you thought were your friends may pull back because they can’t handle that level of openness and honesty.Despite the fact that we want more, closer male friends, it can be incredibly difficult to actually foster those friendships.Hell, it’s hard enough finding new friendships in the first place.It’s a cultural issue, part of the kabuki theater of gender roles that we still live by – men are the doers while women are the nurturers. Women are from greater levels of emotional intimacy, especially with other men. As I’ve mentioned before, men are taught to be disconnected from their emotions. and that’s pretty much just as femme-y as the other guy, so clearly the two of you might as well go out back and blow each other, right?Sharing is weakness, and weakness is something to be avoided among men. Since men are socialized to not be connected with our emotions – outside, of course, from anger and lust – we tend to from seeking emotional intimacy outside of their relationship; many people feel as though this were a potential threat to their romantic bond. (Interestingly, there is even some of this amongst gay men; there are subsets of gay men who try to compensate against the stereotype of being “queeny” by trying to be hypermasculine and straight-presenting as possible…

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Weakness and vulnerability can only be shown to those who are not in a position to damage our status in the masculine hierarchy. And to be sure: to an outside observer (or a significant other, for that matter) many platonic male-female relationships can seem like an intensely romantic connection, even when they’re nothing of the sort. But even then, it’s transitory, even suspect at best, because straight men “inevitably” want to sleep with their female friends. complete with the same prohibitions against masculine affection).

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