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If it is true that Deity is the author of the physical universe, and if it is also true that be is in the same way the author of the book under consideration, the same accuracy and infallibility must be found in it that is so perceptible in liis other works.If this proves not to be the case there is at once the best of grounds to doubt the claim that it is his production.The Prophets are the prophetical and slightly poetical writings of a class of men called prophets ; while the Psalms, Proverbs, the book of Job, etc., are called the Haglographa^ or Ch Huhim.

Ever}^ Protestant family in this land, however rich, or however humble, has one or rnoi'e copies of this revered volume, ranging in price from fifty cents to fifty dollars, according to purchasing ability; and it is given the place of honor in the household, on the center- table of the best room, or other most sacred location.611 any other parts of the Old Testament, bat tliey were not regarded as really sacred much before the beginning of our era. The books ol" the New Testament were not regarded as sacred in the same sense as was the Old Testament until several centuries after Christianity had been introduced. Sunderland has written a very candid, sensible work on the volume under consideration, entitled, "What Is the Bible ?The longer the date from the writing of a book the more sacredness attaches to it. " In speaking of the formation of the Old Testa- ment canon, he says, on page 82 : " How the canon of the Old Testament was settled no one can tell. Indeed, it never was settled at all The first step toward the formation of a canon seems to have been taken by Ezra, in the fifth century before Christ.For a long time after the gospels and various epistles came into existence, they were much less esteemed than the old scrip- tures.Indeed, up to the middle of the second century they were not so highly esteemed as the oral traditions of the churches in which any of the apostles had preached. close of tlie second century, however, a change appears.

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It is nowhere stated in them that Moses wrote tbem or had anything to do wuth them.

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