Italians sex xx

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Italians sex xx

Recessive diseases are monogenic disorders that occur due to damages in both copies or allele.

Dominant diseases are monogenic disorders that involve damage to only one gene copy.

The lack of subunits thus corresponds to errors in the genes on the appropriate chromosomes.

The alpha and beta thalassaemias are the most common inherited single-gene disorders in the world with the highest prevalence in areas where malaria was or still is endemic.

In sickle cell anaemia, the haemoglobin molecule is defective.

X linked diseases are monogenic disorders that are linked to defective genes on the X chromosome which is the sex chromosome.

The X linked alleles can also be dominant or recessive.

Monogenic diseases result from modifications in a single gene occurring in all cells of the body.

Though relatively rare, they affect millions of people worldwide.

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After haemoglobin molecules give up their oxygen, some may cluster together and form long, rod-like structures which become stiff and assume sickle shape.

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