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America's credibility was at stake, and I think the President wants to point out that there was a red line and they did cross it.'We did have alternatives to regime change, and they weren’t taken,' the Trump spokesman said.

Syria has a long history with chemical weapons dating back more than 40 years.

'The challenges we face today are many and not exclusive to my region, as I've just mentioned, they are global and particularly the threats to global security.

Terrorism has no borders, no nationality, no religion, and therefore, joint action with a holistic approach, as I just mentioned Mr.

She held up pictures of poisoned children and asked,'How many more children have to die before Russia cares?

Beyond a red line,' Trump said, making reference to Barack Obama's infamous 2012 threat to Assad.Abdul-Hamid Alyousef, 29, holds his twin babies who were killed during a suspected chemical weapons attack, in Khan Sheikhoun town, in the northern province of Idlib.He said he wanted the world to see their faces Members of the Syrian civil defense volunteers, also known as the White Helmets, and people search for survivors from the rubble following reported air-strikes on the rebel-held town of Saqba, in Eastern Ghouta, on April 4Trump said at their Wednesday presser that the United States would be giving more money to Jordan to assist the country with refugees.Instead he said, 'We will do what we have to do to eradicate terrorism.'Russia was initially suggested as a possible perpetrator of the chemical weapons attack in Syria, given its previous involvement in airstrikes on rebel-held areas that housed civilians.White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer rejected Russian involvement on Tuesday and pointed the finger at Assad in a statement he delivered at a lunchtime question and answer session with press that was restricted from broadcast.

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President Donald Trump said Wednesday during a Rose Garden news conference that it is now his responsibility to resolve the humanitarian and political crisis in Syria as he opened the door to military action in the country President Donald Trump said today that the chemical weapons attack in Syria is a 'terrible affront to humanity' during an Oval Office photo op with King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife, Queen Rania, and the First Lady of the United States, Melania PICTURE PERFECT: U. President Donald Trump and his wife First Lady Melania Trump welcome King Abdullah II Hussein of Jordan and his wife Queen Rania of Jordan at the West Wing of the White House.