Jtextpane not updating real time

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Jtextpane not updating real time

can't endorse approach general solution question working me.addition of "\r" not show in un-wrapped text trigger wrapping other white space.I'm using a Default Table Model which is constructed with 2 Vectors. But when I want to assign a new JTable there, the change isn't seen.1 is the data Vector, the other for the column headings. Hi, Just wondering if someone can offer some advice on the following problem. I have 1 thread that automatically updates a JTable with new entries from a database. In the following code, when the [bold]button is clicked, no change occurs. [/bold] import *; import event.*; import javax.swing.*; class Table Prob{ private JTable jt; public Table Prob(){ JFrame jf ...Every 10 seconds it queries for new entries and adds them to the table as they become available. The fact that JTable only calls the Set Value At() method when a user leaves an updated cell is causing me a problem. but because of the constantly downloading data my jtable is responding quickly means if i want to scroll down the scroll Bar ...i'v a jtable that displays database items; i'v inserts and updates too i googled a lot but anyhow i cant manage it - how to have the table automaticaly updated i tried several ways,like from input button action: Table Model Model()Table Changed( new Table Model Event(Table Model Model())); actually i'm using a solution that works in part, because it does refresh the jtable but conflitcs with the sorter ...If the user closes the application before tabbing out of the cell (or clicks onto another tab of a tabbed pane) , my code in Set Value At() is never executed. I am writing an Stock application, where data in every 2 second comes whether it is new data or the updated one. Either you'll have to monitor the table in intervals or you will have to make the database engine trigger an update.

Hi all I have re-thought my earlier post ( and would like to ask for specific help with defining, creating and populating a JTable. We're doing a hotel booking system for a school project and we need to retrieve a list of available rooms for a give period of time. Persistence.create Entity Manager Factory("test PU").create Entity Manager(); persons Query = java.beans. null : test PUEntity Manager.create Query("SELECT p FROM Persons p"); persons List = java.beans. i have a jdialog which gets the folder from the user.. I am trying to create a JTable that will rearrange its rows when a column is relocated. i ask whether i have to keep pressing a button which will update the data i change in the table or if, by some magic power, the data will update itself ((: well i got a link to to had a look at ... Second, there is no listener for listening to cell data changing. How can I have a JTable update (in response to a Table Model Event) and prevent the data model from changing during the update?

The abstract Table Model seems to want me to have a multidimensional array as the object that holds the data for my JTable.

Specifically, the methods get Value At(int row, int col) and set Value At(int row, int col) force me to think in terms of an array. I have been working on this problem for couple of days now and seem to be getting nowhere.

However I found I can't get the correct value of the last cell of the table, because even though I clicked on the button, last cell of the table is still get focused, ... You need to read a table with SQL SELECT query, populate the result set into a JTable, maybe keep a copy of the origianl values so you can see what fields have been edited by the user, and then send an UPDATE SQL which updates the database. This is my first post - if this question is better suited to the intermediate forum, I apologize and will take it there.

I'm having difficulty getting my table to refresh its data model and itself (appearance wise).

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I have been reading information on JTables but I would really like help wiith how to achieve the following in an efficient way, I cannot find examples that seem to help my particular situation. Rooms, bookings and so on are retrieved from a database, and the logic for that seems to be working, only the j Table that is supposed to display the values doesn't update. Binding Group(); test PUEntity Manager = java.beans. i have no problem while choosing the folder for first time.. My problem is basically to dynamically update the contents of Jtable when an event (such as a button click occurs). I've adapted the original project to a simplified version that will allow me to post it all at once. Its been a long time since I messed with swing, but you will need to override sometype of listener. I am getting Array Index Out Of Bounds exception during update and I believe this is because the application is deleting rows during the update.

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