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This week on the Cosmo Happy Hour podcast, editor Elisa Benson joins Senior Sex and Relationships editor Ali Drucker, former porn star S. Jessica O'Reilly to talk all things porn, including what it's like to work in the porn industry and why you should watch porn with your partner.

"[Porn] was more of a passion project for me, so I really only did as much of it as I thought would be fun."To hear even more about the myths surrounding porn, why it's still a taboo topic, and what guys say when S. reveals her old profession, listen to the full podcast below.

I enjoy working with guys because, when they’re motivated, they’re hardworking and highly coachable.

Plus, the men who gravitate towards me are usually “nice guys” who just need a little bit of an edge to succeed wildly with women.

We’re pretty sure Lady Gaga isn’t a human at all, but actually a goddess from a universe far, far away.

The difference between music lessons and dating lessons seems to be that people take the latter too personally, like this guy James. Taking advice too personally and a history of hearing both good and bad advice may be two reasons.“James” tells me that he’s 30 years old, living in Seattle, working in IT. A little angry, perhaps, but I’m used to getting clients who aren’t too happy with the fact that they’re reaching out to a dating coach.James tells me that after focusing on his career for most of his 20’s, he’s been dating intently for the past year. It seems that whenever he goes out with women, they’re all so SHALLOW.You’re mistaken in thinking that men are going to improve. It’s to become the kind of woman who UNDERSTANDS men, ATTRACTS men, KEEPS men happy, and CHOOSES good men. And no, it’s no different than how James needs to learn to attract, understand, and connect with women in order to keep them happy.Until he does, all he’s going to do is complain about YOU, and how unfair you are to him.

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We’re not saying we hear wedding bells, but that’s exactly what we’re saying.

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  1. Because this offence is considered less serious than child pornography offences, it is likely that teens who distribute sexual images of peers without their consent will be charged with this offence instead of child pornography offences in some cases.