Laura linney and jason bateman dating

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Laura linney and jason bateman dating

White hat heroes are still few and far between these days on screens large and small. We’re still obsessed with the goodness within our favorite characters, even if it’s buried so deeply it’s darn near impossible to see.

Bateman’s Marty is digging to find just that in every “Ozark” episode.

Yes, Marty can be colder than a first date brush-off with Wendy.

You’ll want a sweater when Marty shares his chilling satisfaction over her lover’s nasty death.

Laura Linney continues to be the most low-key three-time Oscar nominee ever.

All the Linney stans out there already know that she’s shot three movies this year, but now they can rejoice in her return to television.

And when it’s time to talk money he’s all business.

They’re all the rage in the era of TV’s new golden age. If Marty can launder a stash of cash, the gangster may spare his life, and that of his wife and two children.

We’ll tolerate characters who lie, cheat, and steal—maybe even worse.

What we clamor for in stories now, however, is some humanity, a flicker of a soul seeking redemption.

Like Bryan Cranston’s iconic series, Ozark follows a father-of-two who finds himself immersed in the criminal underworld.

Marty Bryde is a financial advisor who lives a seemingly normal existence in Chicago, until he tells his wife that he has been laundering money for a Mexican drug lord for years.

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Even Walter White wanted his family taken care of during all his drug-dealing shenanigans.