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Still no idea what makes them Special are on our London though.I also heard that the code name Sands originated from the sand buckets that were used to put out fires. The code was used so as not to cause panic amongst public.You would more than likely stick to it (unlike an AC socket, such as you have in your home, which would probably fling you across the room) and thus be receiving quite a lengthy shock.The voltage / current in itself would not kill you directly; rather its effects would: your bodily fluids would separate (9 parts water, 1 part blood, and the blood would "float" on top, giving you an extreme headache, bright red face and imminent unconsciousness (if you hadn't gone that way already)); said fluids would then boil, pretty much, stewing you gently from the inside and to top it all off, you would be neatly paralysed, including those useful muscles that keep you breathing, so if you haven't taken your last breath just yet, you will shortly, since you will be suffocating. Number 1, I worked on the Underground for 20 years & never came across the expression "Inspector Sands", we had different ways of dealing with it, we called it "Smouldering" even if it was 6 feet high.The fount of all tube knowledge, Going Underground, says that the name originated from a theatre evacuation code. and how did the name make the jump from theatre to underground?Whoever he/she was — we hope they looked like this. You glance up at the board and it says there's one minute until your next train.Those responsible for the clean up are called 'fluffers'.London Transport Museum's website shows a photograph of a group of fluffers from 1955 using brushes to sweep up the fluff.

The short answer would be a swift death by electrocution. 5248" is easier than "change the bulb on the second one after the junction but before the pub."My understanding of the "tube minute" is that it is actually a measure of _distance_ rather than time.We'd like to think it’s something interesting like subterranean monsters à la Creep, abandoned crocodiles or Croup & Vandemar. Anyone who works on the network must pass a written exam to show they've fully understood the hazards.These include obvious dangers such as live rails, but also Weil's disease from rat urine, and discarded needles (sometimes left maliciously).In reality, the chief hazard is probably aggressive customers.Going Underground once tried to find out the meaning of this enigmatic sign.

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