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James Antle 2017-09-12 ~Environmt WT: Coming ice age can be thwarted, by S.Fred Singer 2017-09-07 ~National WT: Wildfires in the West revive push to thin federal forests, by V.2017-09-01 ~National Free Beacon: The Irrelevant Democrats, by Matthew Continetti 2017-08-31 ~National WT: Southern Poverty Law Center, the Left's premier hate group, by Wesley Pruden 2017-08-24 ~Potpourri Telegraph: 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet remaps math history, by Sarah Knapton 2017-08-21 ~National WT: All aboard the censor ship -- Editorial 2017-08-20 ~National WT: Replacing the Republican Party, by Angelo M.Codevilla 2017-08-18 ~World , by Joshua Philipp 2017-08-18 ~National NRA: Justice Department Terminates and Repudiates 'Operation Chokepoint' 2017-08-16 ~National WT: Intolerance is the game the fearful and frightened play, by Suzanne Fields 2017-08-15 ~National WT: Teaching history amid America's history gap, by Deborah Simmons 2017-08-15 ~National Daily Caller: Corporations Increasingly Serve As Arbiters Of Public Morality 2017-08-14 ~National Squawker: Leftist Identity Politics Caused the Violence in Charlottesville 2017-08-13 ~National WT: Beware the Obamacare industrial complex, by Stephen Moore 2017-08-13 ~National WT: Google favors 'diversity' over technical innovation, by Rebecca Hagelin 2017-08-13 ~Environmt CFACT: Life in fossil-fuel-free utopia, by Paul Driessen 2017-08-09 ~National , by Wax & Alexander 2017-08-07 ~Environmt WT: Men's sperm count drops dramatic 52 percent, by Renee Garfinkel 2017-08-07 ~Environmt WT: The high cost of unreliable power, by Benjamin Zycher 2017-08-06 ~National Epoch Times: Watchdog Group Threatens Lawsuit Over Voter Fraud in California 2017-08-03 ~National WT: Illegals cost taxpayers nearly 0 billion over lifetime, by Stephen Dinan FCTA: Tom Cranmer nixes ethanol in gasoline at EPA hearing 2017-07-31 ~Potpourri Daily Caller: George Soros, the 'Anti-Fascist' Fascist, by Dinesh D'Souza 2017-07-31 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Australian Bureau of Meteorology caught erasing cold temperatures 2017-07-27 ~Health Epoch Times: Rethinking the War on Salt, by Conan Milner 2017-07-23 ~National Fx Free Citizen: The War in the Courts, by Gary Porter 2017-07-18 ~National , by Michael Giere 2017-07-16 ~Environmt WT: Anti-frackers exploited for Russia's gain, by Dan Boylan 2017-07-12 ~World Epoch Times: 200 Million Women and Girls Forced with Female Genital Mutilation 2017-07-12 ~National WT: Conservative parents turn away from universities, by Bradford Richardson 2017-07-11 ~Potpourri WT: The values of the West ARE the best, by Clifford D.2017-10-17 ~Potpourri BW: One Scientist's Marathon Quest for the Exercise Pill, by Adam Piore 2017-10-15 ~Potpourri Daily Mail: Thomas the Tank Engine to become gender-balanced, by Stewart Paterson 2017-10-14 ~National Daily Caller: Soros funds study on White Working-Class Voters, by Eric Owens 2017-10-13 ~National Project Veritas: American Pravda - NYT Part 1; NYT Part 2; O'Keefe Response 2017-10-12 ~National Daily Caller: Corruption and failing standards at West Point, by Patrick Granger 2017-10-11 ~National WT: It's 1968 all over again, by Victor Davis Hanson 2017-10-11 ~Environmt WT: Unplugging the Obama power scheme -- Editorial 2017-10-06 ~National Epoch Times: Antifa Tied to Communist Revolutionary Groups, by Joshua Philipp 2017-10-05 ~National WT: Players' union teams with George Soros to destroy NFL, by Valerie Richardson 2017-10-02 ~State-NC WT: North Carolina a model for Federal tax relief, by Robin Hayes 2017-10-01 ~National WT: The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left -- Book Review 2017-09-xx ~National JW: Special Report - Exposing the Deep State 2017-09-xx ~National , by Joshua Philipp 2017-09-27 ~National WT: Trump guts tax code: Slashes rates, kills death tax, by S. Miller 2017-09-25 ~Potpourri WT: The steps from freedom to Socialism, by Richard Rahn 2017-09-25 ~National JWR: The thing America strives for most?Complacency, by George Will 2017-09-25 ~Health JAMA: Pathway to Patient Data Ownership & Better Health, by Mikk, Sleeper & Topol 2017-09-20 ~World Telegraph: British supermarket offers 'finger vein' payment, by Katie Morley 2017-09-19 ~Environmt Breitbart: Alarmists admit global warming models are broken, by James Delingpole 2017-09-17 ~Environmt CFACT: Common-sense finally comes to Western fire policies, by Paul Driessen 2017-09-17 ~Environmt Breitbart: Environmentalists biggest threat to environment, by James Delingpole 2017-09-16 ~Health AJC: Avandia skin patch melts 'love handles' in mice, by Stephanie Toone 2017-09-14 ~National WT: And now for the REAL Russia collusion story, by L.

, by Bryan Gruley 2016-12-10 ~National Examiner: Ben Carson's HUD to kill Obama's "slum housing" rule, by Joseph Lawler 2016-12-07 ~National Gateway Pundit: Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit 2016-12-07 ~National AMAC: "American History in No Time", by Randolph G.

-- Opposing editorials 2016-11-08 ~National AMAC: Democrats vs Republicans on 10 Key Issues -- from official party platforms 2016-11-07 ~National PJ Media: Expansive George Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections 2016-11-07 ~National CNS News: Gov't Workers Now Outnumber Manufacturing Workers by 9,977,000 2016-11-06 ~National Examiner: The death of elitism, by Saleno Zito 2016-11-05 ~National Examiner: How 2016 changed the news media, by Eddie Scarry 2016-11-02 ~National Examiner: Illegal trial lawyer donations lift Democrats' finances 2016-10-xx ~National , by Edward J.

Erler 2016-10-31 ~National Peter Thiel, on why he supports Donald Trump for President -- Video () 2016-10-29 ~National Daily Beast: Muslim Reformer Smeared as 'Anti-Muslim Extremist', by Maajid Nawaz 2016-10-26 ~National WT: Obamacare is collapsing ...

","promo Dek":null,"author":null,"duration":72,"air Date":,"date Created":,"date":"2017-11-08 ","keywords":"new jersey, south korea, news, video, north korea, cbs, democrats, donald trump china, win, virginia, asia, ","tags":[,,,,,,,,,,],"image":,"promo Image":,"show Style":"video-logo-cbs-this-morning","suppress":false,"season":"1","episode":"1","mpx Ref Id":"rq F_tqdw Nf2RZwyd Em F_WLnqah GRtco G","segment":1,"viewable":true,"is60minfranchise":false,"is60Extra":false,"is6048Preview":false,"topic":"cbs-this-morning-eye-opener-8am","topic_name":"Eye Opener 8am","topic_parent_slug":"cbs-this-morning","topic_parent":"CBS This Morning","collection":null,"primary Topic":,"type Name":"content_video","pid":"bxfvk U6ESMU1"}},"paging":,"related":[],"popular":,"sponsored":"false","product Status":false,"search":null,"type":"category","label":"Featured","pagetype":"door","prizma Enabled":false,"value":null}}' data-component='["cbsvideoui"]'President Trump arrived in China after delivering a stern message to North Korea during an address to South Korea's National Assembly.

The North's regime will be at the top of the president's agenda with the Chinese president. Trump planned a surprise helicopter ride to the fortified DMZ border between North and South Korea, but fog spoiled the mission.

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Brawn, by Gretchen Reynolds 2017-10-25 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: Colliding neutron stars support dark matter theory, by Chris Lee 2017-10-23 ~National WT: Liberal leanings of Google, Facebook shape political landscape, by J.

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