Los angeles worst dating city

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Los angeles worst dating city

In 2013, Los Angeles reported 296 homicides in the city proper, which corresponds to a rate of 6.3 per 100,000 population—a notable decrease from 1980, when the all time homicide rate of 34.2 per 100,000 population was reported for the year.

In 2015, it was revealed that the LAPD had been under-reporting crime for eight years, making the crime rate in the city appear much lower than it really is.

While police questioned Marquette Frye and his brother Ronald Frye, a group of people began to gather.

In 2012, the Los Angeles Police Department reported that crime had declined in the city for the 10th consecutive year.

But on the bright side, there are a lot of fast food joints in the area. But at least you have pretty mountains to stare at instead of freeway overpasses. Population: 14,321 Crime Index: 92 Median Income: ,638 Hawaiian Gardens is the 2nd smallest city in Los Angeles County, and certainly a pretty crummy place to live when you look at the data. Population: 54,303 Crime Index: 112 Median Income: ,494 If you absolutely have to live in south central Los Angeles, and you value a good education, then Paramount would be a place for you.

Population: 151,293 Crime Index: 104 Median Income: ,233 Back up to the desert we go for the third worst Los Angeles suburb you can live in. While the cost of living is low, your entertainment and work options are limited. In terms of numbers, it’s in the worst 15% for crime, and the schools are fairly overcrowded when compared to other L. Population: 19,554 Crime Index: 129 Median Income: ,005 If you live in Willowbrook, most likely you struggle to make ends meet every month. (Or, if you’ve ever been there, you don’t need to look at the data.) Incomes are towards the bottom, and the schools are fairly overcrowded. The teacher-student ratio for Paramount schools is actually pretty low (20 to 1).

While many of the deaths and injuries fell onto the equal rights protesters, there was an unnamed casualty at the time in order to cover the law-breaking of the police force.

Sandra Vespucci, an Italian youth living on Baldwin street at the time, was killed by a stray bullet in front of her home.

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This little city is near the intersection of the 710 and the 105 in south Los Angeles. Not only that, but this is the 11th most dangerous suburb you can live in if you choose to live near L. To put that into perspective, in Fairfax, the schools have a 16 to 1 teacher-to-student ratio, which is the best in the area.