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Martin flash key dating

A contestant on the reality cooking show Gideon's Kitchen can't figure out if Chef Gideon loves or hates his dish.A reality camera crew follows the life of Lil Wayne in prison (three-part sketch).Two black men on their cell phones adopt more urban mannerisms when they see each other.Two friends relate anecdotes to one another about how they are each the dominant partner in their relationships, but only when their wives are not around to hear them.

Two hyped-up frat brothers brand their fraternity's letters into each other's bodies, with one mistakenly getting phallic results.

A guest player in a tabletop role-playing game breaks the rules by robbing the local tavern and hooking-up with women instead of going on a quest.

A musician who just finds out he'll be making a record is suddenly inundated by old friends and strangers who want to leech off of his success.

Each episode of the series consists of several pre-taped sketches starring the two actors.

The sketches cover a variety of societal topics, often with a focus on African-American culture and race relations.

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Two women in a club fail to get good pictures of themselves as a gunman robs the place and end up arrested for destroying evidence.

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