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Morgan man dating granddaughter

Confided an insider: "Myrna told E' Dena, ‘If you think you're having his baby, you've got another thing coming'"Although E' Dena is convinced Morgan loves her and wants to start a family with her, Myrna made it clear she would do everything she could to talk Morgan out of it."But E' Dena knows Morgan wants her and that is all that matters to her," divulged an insider.

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Mr Davenport remains at a medical facility in New York, where he will reportedly undergo psychological evaluation.

Miss Hines was the granddaughter of Mr Freeman's first wife, Jeannette Adair Bradshaw, whom he divorced in 1979 after 12 years of marriage.

Rumor has it that the 72-year-old has agreed to start a family with 27-year-old E' Dena.

The rumor mill has been churning with this one for quite a while, and now Morgan Freeman has issued a statement denying the gossip that he’s planning on marrying his step-granddaughter.

Back in 2009, the National Enquirer ran a report that he'd been seeing his step-granddaughter, a then 27-year-old E' Dena Hines, for 10 years, and the rumor continued this week with the claim that Freeman intended to marry Hines.

Per the "E' Dena wants Morgan's baby," a close source told The Enquirer.

"She believes that will give her a final hold on Morgan and, after his divorce with Myrna is over, she will end up marrying him."Myrna knows about Morgan's relationship with E' Dena, but when she heard about E' Dena's plans to get pregnant by Morgan, Myrna was furious, say sources.

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"He was kneeling over her and screaming about 'God has arisen," he said.