Most common lies internet dating

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Most common lies internet dating

'Women generally tend to lie about their weight, they trim off on average about five kilos.''The other big lie people tell is about their body type.

Using "I'm athletic and average" to hide behind "I haven't actually exercised for a number of years but I'm still fitting into the same clothes so I'm just going to call myself athletic" which often is a lie.'This, Louanne says, is a lie most often told by women.

So I am wondering what are some common lies that men will say to women.

Before you get fired up about his constant fibbing, know this: We are all genetically programmed to lie. Studies have shown that most people lie once or twice a day — that's as much as you brush your teeth!

Unfortunately it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take a man’s online dating profile at face value.

Having learned this is not something that makes women swoon, men have mastered automatic responses such as "I don't watch porn," "We can just cuddle," and "I was not staring at her." He Wants to Avoid Your Wrath Lying often presents a better alternative than facing the consequences of the truth.

'Men tend to really own their age as they get older but women for some reason lie more – it's probably because of the perception that men don't want you if you're a certain age,' Louanne said.

'The advice that I would give would be to leave it out rather than lie about it.

That's why he skimmed over the actual number of one-night stands he's had, or varied his number of lovers.

This is also why he's learned to say you look great in everything, even if you're in horizontal stripes under florescent lighting.

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Admitting he'd once cheated on a girlfriend, for example, might make you question his fidelity, even if it was a one-time thing he'd never do again.

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