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As part of the freshman-orientation program, all students are required to attend an event entitled “Sex on a Saturday Night.” It consists of a series of skits ostensibly designed to discourage date rape.

Many of them feel deeply ambivalent about these aspects of campus social life.

Grossman is no less part of the scene at Princeton. To help to come to terms with these problems, the University would do well to establish a center to support students who seek to lead chaste lives.

We are sure that alumni and friends would step forward with financial support to make this center possible.

In fact, she wasn’t even aware that the college culture would be one in which drinking and promiscuity featured so centrally.

Yet Charlotte, like most of her peers, found herself drawn into it, and who could blame her? Students, like other human beings, want to be – and want to appear to be – normal.

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So it is hardly surprising that most will be swayed by whatever happens to be regarded as the norm.

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