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For the longest time I was just content with living my life as life threw it at me. At least then, (hopefully) I would know that they were interested in me instead of money.

But as I get older I find myself wanting to settle down with the right person. I haven't ever really had a problem with making money. Most of the time lately, I would agree with that sentiment. Unless you're a perfect 10 in the looks department, it's damn hard being a broke guy trying to date a woman unless you're under 22 and in college.

agreed, of course, each should be self-sufficient as stated prior.

and, i luv how some of the women question about the money and start telling the man how he could make more.

yes, i have heard of females who finds little comfort in the same communication their way.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Can have more or less of it and it shouldn't change the type of person you are.

Just because I don't particularily care for money doesn't mean I'm not adept at making it. Women want security and hell, do I even have to elaborate?

If you're a woman, being broke isn't really an issue, plenty of guys will still date you. I respect your opinion and it helps me sort things out.

With your first post, I don't see why any one would have a problem with someone not having much money, if you hit it off why would that matter.

You have potential, and sound as if making money is no problem.

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or love a certain lifestyle and sacrifice what you love to do. Are your bills paid, rent, etc, do u have a vehicle? I have a friend who taught himself how to repair PC's and he makes 50.00 an hr, started his own company and owns 2 homes now. It really isn't an asset problem (I have many thousands of dollars of artwork hanging on my walls.

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