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The Executive Council shall consist of the following officers: 1. This representative will also serve to help communicate with the national organizations in constructing events and activities.Looking to explore the best virtual sex worlds of 2017?Freethought is the application of critical thinking to all areas of human experience, unconstrained by tradition or authority.Freethinkers value rational and empirical investigation, individual freedom and responsibility, and the need for tolerance and cooperation.Members shall be fully informed of issues to be voted upon prior to a vote. This organization shall be affiliated with the following local, national, or international organizations: 1. Center for Inquiry (formerly the Campus Freethought Alliance) 3. The Faculty Advisor shall serve as a faculty liaison to other faculty members, their department, their college, and the greater university for this organization.A member who meets the following criteria shall be in good standing: 1. Set agendas for and preside over meetings of the organization and of the Executive Council. Be responsible for maintaining all affiliations with other organizations. Secular Student Alliance This organization shall have the option of recognizing various representatives for the organization: 1. Candidacy for Student Government Representative is open to any member in good standing who expresses a genuine interest in promoting the purposes of the group to the SGA.

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We strive to create an open, safe space in which people feel free to express different ideas, opinions, and worldviews. A quorum shall constitute attendance by at least 50% of all members in good standing. Proposed by the Executive Council or a majority of members in good standing. Voted on at a designated meeting, attended by a quorum, no sooner than one week following their proposal. In the event that the organization is dissolved, all funds present in the organization’s account shall come under the sole ownership of its faculty advisor, who will use discretion as to the further direction of those funds.

Our aim is to promote critical thinking and positive attitudes towards both the similarities and differences in each other. Issue all necessary notices concerning club activities. This Constitution shall be considered ratified by a majority vote of those members present and in good standing at a meeting specially called for this purpose.

Be it hereby known that [email protected] abides by all established policies and regulations of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech).

We believe that diversity should be openly discussed and celebrated. Maintain an accurate roll of the current membership. Act as liaison between the Executive Council and the general membership. Advise the officers on all organizational policy matters. Changes or additions to the Bylaws may be proposed by any member in good standing and shall be adopted by a majority vote at a meeting where a quorum is present.

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