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When I went to meet Ben, I realized on my way to the restaurant that his name in my phone was ‘Jake.’ How silly of me, right? I got to the place where we were meeting for dinner and shot him a text saying ,’here :)’ and within a moment, a bright and smiling Jake, not Ben, met me. During dinner, I contemplated taking shelter in the bathroom while I performed some quick detective work to solve the mystery of the hot mess I had gotten myself into.

Instead I proceeded with caution throughout the conversation, making sure that I didn’t mention any details from the other match’s life to avoid further confusion.

She’s also considering a matchmaker service for the busiest of professionals.

In other words, someone at The League will do your online dating for you — you simply need to show up for the date.

It started with 1,000 carefully curated users, and now just 4,500 people in the Bay Area are active on the app.

In fact, more than 20,000 people around the country currently sit on The League’s . She wants every user of the platform to be “high quality” — that is, professionals who are serious about dating.

The volunteers were treated like the paid help, kindness and respect were given but not much more.

The League is beta testing a premium subscription model that will ensure a user’s profile appears in front of others they’ve expressed interest in (translation: there’s a better chance you’ll be matched).I realized that Jake was only here for a summer and decided that someone who was living near me only temporarily was not someone I was interested in seeing.I gave Ben, a student at a Boston-area law school, my phone number, and from there, we started texting back and forth, eventually scheduling a date.New users are only welcome if they’ve been invited by a friend already on the service, or pass The League’s vetting process after a stint on the waiting list.“We will kick people out if they’re being offensive,” says Bradford. We think of it as a bar or a nightclub where we do enforce that behavior on our users.” This vetting process means The League is spreading very slowly to new cities.

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She ended up liking these six places to meet her Mr. Unlike cafes, people go to bookstores for shorter amounts of time and tend to be intelligent. We agreed that, whenever going out, she needs to take a little more care to look good. We ended the session optimistic that if she does even some of the above, she will meet Mr. I did it to expand my circle, meet people and I truly believed in the the purpose of the non-profits. What I found was that attendees loathe to be seen talking to the volunteers.