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But in online dating, men my age are not looking at women my age. The men I do hear from are older than me by 10-15 years and are looking for a far more relaxed lifestyle or trying too hard to be youthful (If it is genuine, great, if not, it’s annoying.) I don’t want to date men who remind me of my dad, who want to eat quiet dinners every night or sit home watching movies.

On the flip side, when I meet men in real life, I do attract more of the type I like—my age or younger and energetic.

Research from the University of Michigan shows that men who hope to get women to respond to them on online dating sites have a better chance if they create profiles that are more like the women they hope to attract, and yet can show they are distinct from other males.

"Specifically, she is more likely to respond when the text in the male's profile is similar to hers," said lead author Danaja Maldeniya, a graduate student at the School of Information.

No matter our age, we want to be with someone who will live a long, healthy life.

If you are interested in having either Wendy or David speak to your audience, please contact Wendy at [email protected] David at [email protected] site users authored 25 million messages, generated 286 million clicks on the site and rated other users' profiles 864 million times.Males accounted for 62 percent of the messages and initiated 86 percent of the communication.The study zeroed in on the free-text responses to several questions designed to share insights men thought potential romantic partners would want to know about them."The results of our study offer insights that could be useful for improving the recommendations made by dating sites to their users," said Daniel Romero, U-M assistant professor of information.

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Both Wendy and David have also engaged in numerous consulting projects and developed training workshops for corporate clients on topics ranging from: social media and web analytics, social media brand tracking, to predictive analytics.

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