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Outlook unread mail folder not updating

You should be aware that, if you use Mail Bird from a public network your email and name can be easily spoofed (by just opening the application, you don’t even need to check for email). is an incredibly light and sophisticated email client. It uses an internal address book and an internal HTML viewer, both designed to avoid virus attacks to known Windows and Internet Explorer vulnerabilities. is a solid and elaborated application, but all this power comes to a cost: it is quite complicated and tedious to configure.

I can’t recommend to install Mail Bird and if you already did, you should remove it. It’s a fine and refreshing email client but it still lacks some important features such as an unified inbox if you need to manage more than one email address (who doesn’t? Anyway, it could be the best client on the planet, until they don’t let you decide what information is sent back to them, the software should be avoided. In my tests Task Manager never exceeded the 15MB mark with an average of just 8-11MB of ram constantly used. None of the email accounts I tried have been configured automatically, not even the usual suspects (hotmail and gmail).

I see it as a porting to the desktop of the gmail web interface, which is actually a good thing.

That being said, with all the security concerns raised this year, Mail Bird phones home and shares your data over unencrypted connections.

It is not clear what data they send to themselves, but I’m pretty sure they are still collecting your email address, name and user session (so they can track your habits).

Of course I also have a Mac Book, but when I’m at home my main rig is Linux.

The security issue about Mailbird is so lowered to DEFCON 3, but still the fact that there’s no way to opt-out After all the noise Mailbird finally made clear what data they are collecting.

If it wasn’t for this post nobody would know what Mailbird was collecting and probably your data would still be sent over a clear connection. Mail Bird look and feel comes from the now defunct Sparrow.

From the few emails we exchanged I had the feeling that there’s no The account name and email to my understanding based on our research is not considered confidential data according to the law in this case, which is why it’s not sent encrypted.

Your password is never sent to us or any confidential data. I didn’t mean it to sound like we’re not willing to add it [an encrypted connection], I just meant that we didn’t feel like it was required at the time we decided this, since the email isn’t typically considered confidential data as I’m aware.

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