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Passionpeopledating com

There are different components that qualify as reasons for considering an individual as a workaholic.Burke & Fiksenbaum refer to Spence and Robbins (1992) by stating two of the three workaholism components that are used to measure workaholism.On the other hand, this may also put a strain on family relationships and friendships.The balance of the two is something that is hard to achieve and it is always hard to satisfy both parties.

Thirdly, though some individuals believe one should not work extreme hours, many prefer it because of how passionate they are about the occupation.

Denis de Rougemont has argued that 'since its origins in the twelfth century, passionate love was constituted in opposition to marriage'.

Stacey Oliker writes that while "Puritanism prepared the ground for a marital love ideology by prescribing love in marriage", only from the eighteenth century has "romantic love ideology resolved the Puritan antagonism between passion and reason" in a marital context.

Passion (from the Greek verb πασχω meaning to suffer) is a very strong feeling about a person or thing.

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

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The recent concerns of emotional intelligence have been to find a synthesis of the two forces—something that "turns the old understanding of the tension between reason and feeling on its head: it is not that we want to do away with emotion and put reason in its place, as Erasmus had it, but instead find the intelligent balance of the two".

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