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All blood spills — including those that have already dried — should be cleaned and disinfected with a mixture of bleach and water (one part household bleach to 10 parts water).

Gloves should always be used when cleaning up any blood spills. No, once you recover from Hepatitis B, you develop antibodies that protect you from the virus for life.

The likelihood depends upon the age at which someone becomes infected.Although anyone can get Hepatitis B, some people are at greater risk, such as those who: If you are concerned that you might have been exposed to the Hepatitis B virus, call your health professional or your health department.If a person who has been exposed to Hepatitis B virus gets the Hepatitis B vaccine and/or a shot called “HBIG” (Hepatitis B immune globulin) within 24 hours, Hepatitis B infection may be prevented.The younger a person is when infected with Hepatitis B virus, the greater his or her chance of developing chronic Hepatitis B.Approximately 90% of infected infants will develop chronic infection. Approximately 25%–50% of children infected between the ages of 1 and 5 years will develop chronic hepatitis.

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