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During the last two and a half years of his life, he resided at the Missouri Veterans Home, Warrensburg where he was President of the Neighbors' Association. At 93, he was the oldest person on the trip and one of the oldest veterans ever to make an Honor Flight trip.On September 30, 2009, he participated in an Honor Flight trip to Washington, D. He was preceded in death by his wife, Katye Nichols Spicer in 2007.Raymond Wood of the famous jaguar gorget in Benton County, Missouri.collectors of authentic Native American artifacts and early historical items.A flint knapper was present to demonstrate how Native Americans manufactured their stone weapons and tools.The show is sponsored annually by the Sedalia West-Central Chapter of the Missouri Archaeological Society.

Until relatively recently it was assumed they migrated to North America from Asia during the most recent ice age which peaked about 18,000 B. Now, new evidence tells us, "Wait a minute, not so fast." More and more credible information is surfacing to indicate the 'land bridge' theory may not be valid. There will be displays by area/regional collectors of authentic Native American artifacts and early historical items.We unknowingly share with them a desire for security, comfort and a sense of belonging.Perhaps even more so, each of us share a preference for our favorite food, favorite clothing, favorite tools, favorite weather, favorite footwear, favorite shelter, favorite friend, etc…share so much in common, yet You and I find ourselves satisfied with numerous meal choices while that luxury seldom existed for them.He was also given the American Defense Service Ribbon, three Overseas Bars, a Unit Citation Badge and the Good Conduct Medal. and was member of the Federal Land Bank Board for twenty-four years.After the war, he and Katye moved to Johnson County where he returned to the family farm. Spicer and his late wife, Katye, were long-time members of the Blackwater Methodist Church. Spicer was the former president of the Johnson County Farm Bureau and served on the boards of the Mid-America Dairy Board, Soil Conservation, M. He was also a lifetime member of the Sedalia West Central Missouri Archaeological Society.

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The subject of the program was recollections of the life of archaeologist Rolland Pangborn.