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Phil collins carver dating

His passion for justice starts young, but amplifies after Theo is killed by a crooked police officer.

Abe joins the Salem Police Department determined to rid the city of filth, including international crime lord, Stefano Di Mera.

Valerie Grant and singer Tamara Price, with whom he fathered a daughter Lani Price.

She reports the existence of her secret Swiss bank account to her husband, Roman Brady.

They end up finding and saving Marlena and catching Stefano but are unable to prosecute him, because only Stefano has a drug that can save Roman's life.

Abe, Lexi, and John Black help break Stefano out of jail and later he is pardoned for his crimes after returning to Salem with the drug Roman needed.

Shortly after, Brandon Walker comes to Salem with a deep hatred of Abe.

Lexie sleeps with Brandon in a weak moment and becomes pregnant, unsure if Abe or Brandon is the father.

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Conflict has risen many times in Abe and Lexie's marriage due to the presence of Stefano in their life.