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The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis proposed a causal link between a cosmic impact event and a) the onset of the YD climate cooling episode at ~12,800 calendar years BP, b) a peak in continental-scale biomass burning, c) extinction of more than 35 genera of North American Pleistocene megafauna, and d) the demise of the Paleoindian Clovis technocomplex have reported an exotic assemblage of impact-related proxies in a widely-distributed layer at the YDB, dating to 12,800 ± 150 Cal B. Impact proxies reported for YDB sites include but are not limited to high-temperature iron and silica-rich magnetic spherules, nanodiamonds, aciniform carbon (soot), high-temperature melt-glass, and elevated, above-background concentrations of nickel, osmium, and iridium.

A number of other studies have made critical assessments of the evidence for a YD impact event.

In the study by Petaev et al., high-resolution (2.5–4.6 y) time-series of ice core samples were analyzed for trace and major element concentrations using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). O values, confirming the onset of cooler conditions at the beginning of the YD interval.

This peak interval is represented by a rise in Pt concentrations over 14 years and subsequent drop during the following 7 years, consistent with the known residence time of stratospheric dust.

to have resulted from a highly fractionated, Ir-deficient, iron-rich, extraterrestrial impactor.

We document discovery of a distinct Pt anomaly spread widely across North America and dating to the Younger Dryas (YD) onset.

The apparent synchroneity of this widespread YDB Pt anomaly is consistent with Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2) data that indicated atmospheric input of platinum-rich dust.

They reported an abundance peak in YDB microspherules that display melted, dendritic textures, confirmed through a combination of SEM and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS).

These results confirm those for YDB spherules from Blackwater Draw by Firestone et al.

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It was beyond the scope of this study to identify the carrier and source of the Pt, if present.