Problems with dating moroccan men

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In each case, the context of study—which is necessary for the elaboration of this study—is determined ex post by the study itself. The purpose of this article is not, however, to offer a critique of such analyses, whose immense heuristic value I fully recognize (it is difficult to discuss the night-sky without first breaking it up into constellations) and whose methodological subtlety I cannot do justice to here.Nonetheless, the article takes a different approach to pragmatic analysis by explicitly renouncing the appeal to a particular context.

I found a table on one of the café terraces, ordered a “half-and-half” coffee and set to calling various friends and acquaintances.

This, I suggest, is also pragmatism’s principal analytical weakness, in that the context whose definition is the product of analysis is also, all too frequently, the initial object of study.

Take, for example, ritual, which was both the analytical starting point for this collection of themed articles, and also a particularly clear example of the tendency toward circularity.

In part, this is in an effort to avoid, insofar as possible, presupposing my object of study, but it is also a product of the limitations imposed by the nature of this object and my own position as observer.

As is frequently the case for anthropologists, my sample is not wide enough to elaborate an ideal-type of the romantic “affair” in Morocco.

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Nor can I appeal to the sort of fine-grained linguistic and contextual analysis that anthropologists normally rely on in lieu of sociological breadth.

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