Queen of hearts dating usa

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Queen of hearts dating usa

Rose- and Baies-scented candles are lit, and there’s a full makeup table in another corner. I don’t come from money; it’s not that important a part of my life.

She says we have 20 more minutes to talk, then she has to do her sound check for 10 minutes, then vocal warm-ups for another 10, then we can talk again while she’s having her makeup done. She admits she’s always been in full control and comfortable in her skin. I come from a very big family of a lot of women who did everything on their own.” (Later, her manager, Jonathan Dickins—the only person she says she completely trusts besides her boyfriend—tells me, “I met her when she lived [in London’s Brixton] above a convenience store, next to a gas station, and she would walk into a room and not give a fuck if she was speaking to the janitor or the head of the record label. Obviously I have nice things, and I live in a nicer area than I grew up in.

Every single day I feel like that.” I ask if she wants more children. I say women often want to give their child a sibling, but since Simon has a daughter from a former marriage who is very much a part of their lives, Angelo already has a sister. The room has white flowing curtains, large sofas, and a TV screen on a wall.

“Exactly,” she says, “so that’s my get-out-of-jail-free card. I had really bad postpartum depression after I had my son, and it frightened me.” Did she take antidepressants? In one part of the room a child’s play area is set up with a toy motorcycle, a toy kitchen with little pots and pans and cups and saucers, games, a Crayola box, and books.

“I appreciate when there’s money [involved],” she says, “but you go get a job.

At that same time, she made her management deal with Dickins—who comes from a British music-business family—and they’ve been a team ever since.In 2008 she released her debut album, , when she wanted to make a North American record deal, she went to Columbia Records, whose chairman and C. O., Rob Stringer, says, “She walked down our corridor, a cigarette in her mouth, and she saw the photos of Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, and Beyoncé on the wall, and she was like, literally, ‘Yeah, I’ll be all right here.’ ” She won two Grammys in 2009, and the rest is a steady, extraordinary decade-long rise for a singer who doesn’t dance, doesn’t do big production numbers, doesn’t dress like a fairground stripper, doesn’t lip-synch, doesn’t endorse any commercial products, and refreshingly doesn’t use the words “my brand.” Rob Stringer says, “She has time to really think about her music, because she’s not spending all that time doing private gigs or Coke commercials.”, says, “Besides her once-in-a-lifetime voice, Adele has a pure songwriting gift. Her third album, 2015’s online views, “She is the biggest star on the planet, and yet she’s still in the world with us.We always discussed how to get the most out of the songs, never to settle. As a performer, she represents us; so many of the feelings she expresses in her songs are feelings that we all have.She’s funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary.The most beautiful thing about Adele is that she has her priorities straight.

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That was her at 18 and that’s her at 28: completely unflappable, completely her own woman.”) Adele says, “My entire life revolves around my child, so everything is timed, because he’s on a routine.”We sit on the sofa, and I ask her if she still has her previously well-documented stage fright. “I get nervous, as opposed to the projectile vomiting and trying to avoid the stage.” She says she didn’t have to tour, and she doesn’t understand why people are addicted to touring. That was my goal from the age of seven: it was ‘I ain’t living here.’ I didn’t care how I was getting out, I didn’t care where I’d be living, but I knew I wasn’t living there.

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