Randy orton and trish stratus dating dating desperate marriable taking

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Randy orton and trish stratus dating

She wiped the sweat off of her brow, satisfied with her workout. "Man, I am depressed," Chris declared, throwing his hands in the air. She looked a little upset, and Adam wondered if she was okay.She headed to the locker room, pulling her shirt off as she stepped into the room. When she was finished she got dressed, grabbed her bag and headed back out into the gym. Neither Adam nor Jay responded, the two Canadians merely laughing and shaking their heads. He kept looking at her, until a hand blocked his line of vision.It was just a painful reminder that Trish was unavailable.Ever since she'd made her debut in the WWE, then WWF, he'd developed a major crush on her.Then, as they became closer and closer, it became clear that she didn't like to date people she was good friends with, for fear of them losing the friendship if it didn't work out. "Well, Randy told me that they're putting Evolution, minus Dave because of his triceps injury, back together tonight," she explained. He knew Trish hated it the last time Evolution was around, all because of that damn Paul Levesque.After about a year after she arrived, Adam realized that he was falling in love with her. That had hurt, especially since she was the one who told him about it. Adam knew that that man was a parasite, sucking all the power he could from Vince and Stephanie.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, the Canadian diva responded, "I am! Congratulations." This time she put on a cheerier tone, much to Randy's approval. In an industry where she was considered by many to be nothing more than a sex toy, being treated like a lady was a warm welcome to the diva.

"I just got out of my meeting with Vince, and guess what's going to happen tonight when I return? she couldn't wait to see what they had in store for him. Trish worried that hanging around The Game too often would cause some of his habits to rub off on Randy.

Randy had been so excited about coming back from his foot injury… Stephanie had once confided in Trish that she'd known Paul had cheated on her with at least ten women… But Stephanie was so pressured by her father to get married that she couldn't leave him, so she didn't do a damn thing about it.

Join them on their path to accomplish their hopes before leaving the borders of high school and possibly each other.

John Cena is excited after defending his title at Wrestlemania 22. Sequel to Frist Lady of Evolution It's been almost 4 months since Alicia has been out of action, new faces, new plans, things are going to change, What is Paul's master plan?

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To tell the truth, he'd never really been that type either, until she came along.

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