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However Ben Pol has denied those claims and said whatever transpired between them was authentic.

Ebitoke on the other hand in a radio interview revealed that they are keeping their relationship discreet.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez are either trolling us all, or they’re actually in love.

Hard to say which one it is as of yet, but let this be known: Last night, while the rest of us were snuggled in sleeping, both J.

Page Six is saying that not only did Holmes take a private aeroplane to California to spend time with Foxx around the time of the Grammys—California is always so lovely during Grammy season—but that they also hung out during Super Bowl weekend.Long ago, in the sweet stinking sweat of August, we heard a story about Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, two actors, seen dancing together at a party in the Hamptons.Immediately, gossips the nation over began whispering that maybe the two were dating.Seth Cohen is not Adam Brody’s to do with as he pleases. It can’t be true,” so horrified are they by this sudden chasm between character and actor, a canyon filled with betrayal and insult? I mean, the fan community for is like in its mid-to-late-20s if not 30s at this point, so hopefully this little throwaway interview joke isn’t totally blowing everyone’s brains, but yes, I’m sure he knows that there is a diehard contingent out there who is shocked, appalled, saddened by what he’s said. He can’t have these barnacles clinging to his boat any longer.Yes he helped give birth to him, but just as any parent must quickly understand that their creation is its own sovereign being, owning of the world and owned by it, Adam Brody must know that he can’t just kill Seth off like that. Is he aware that across this nation, people are clutching to their Captain Oats dolls and shrieking “No! He’s a 34-year-old man who wants new opportunities, new acting adventures, and as long as he’s got these Seth Cohen maniacs out there demanding that he wear Converse sneakers and his hair all rumply and celebrate Chrismukkah every year, he can’t make genuine progress. Meanwhile, any fans of Sandy Cohen can feel free, and encouraged even, to do cling to him as long as they like, as Peter Gallagher assures us that Sandy is still alive, well, and making bagels.

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Lo and Drake posted the same shot of themselves cuddling on a couch. Identical, save for a nice glowy filter Lopez added to hers, which makes them both appear more tan and less winter-wan.

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