Regular expression for validating email in php

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Regular expression for validating email in php

for example: if you send e-mail to myemail [email protected], gmail reroutes it to the account [email protected] is a useful feature, and it is very frustrating when websites that take your e-mail don't allow you to do this.ereg("[^a-z A-Z0-9._-]", $file_name)))(.*)$The expression is deliberately very forgiving of bad HTML - I wanted to match anything that could be reasonably accepted by a forgiving browser, rather than make it standards compliant. For example, this will evaluate to true:ereg("^[a-z A-Z0-9' ]$","ghfhg"); But this will give the error: PHP Warning: ereg(): REG_BADBRereg("^[a-z A-Z0-9' ]$","ghfhg"); PHP version (on Windows XP): PHP 5.2.5 (cli) (built: Nov 8 2007 )Copyright (c) 1997-2007 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2007 Zend Technologies This is a fix for days over 31 and shorter version^(([1][0-2]|[0][1-9])[\-]([0-2]\d{1|[3][0-1])[\-][1-2]\d|([0-2]\d|[3][0-1])[\-]([1][0-2]|[0][1-9])[\-][1-2]\d|[1-2]\d[\-]([1][0-2]|[0][1-9])[\-]([0-2]\d|[3][0-1]))$ This is a date regexp that I made to allow different combinations of month, day, and year.Whitespace is allowed between the tagname and the opening and closing tag symbols, and also between the / and the tagname for the closing tag. it's rather long but it works.(^([0-3])([1-9])([\-])(([1])([0-2])|([0])([1-9]))([\-])([1-2])(\d)$)|(^(([1])([0-2])|([0])([1-9]))([\-])([0-3])([1-9])([\-])([1-2])(\d)$)|(^([1-2])(\d)([\-])(([1])([0-2])|([0])([1-9]))([\-])([0-3])([1-9])$)yyyy-mm-dd, mm-dd-yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy20-25-20072-5-200725-2-20072007-9-23The above will check valid Anything not in one of the combinations of dd,mm,yyyy formats above will fail.these will also fail20-22-20070-1-20071-0-2007Any sugestions on making it smaller and more efficients would be appreciated.

Here is an alternative that works for these postcodes andalso adds support for the Overseas Territories like Tristan da Cunha.

As part of a file upload package, I wanted to prevent the uploading of double byte character filenames and other special ASCII characters that may not work well on a Windows and/or Linux system. ([0-9])$"; There is undocumented behaviour for this command!

Here is the statement I ended up using which seems to have done the trick. You cannot check for strings of 1-256 characters or longer.

Instead I found this expression from modified it for a bit.^[ -]? [0-9] $/*3.55 true-3.55 true 3.55 true2456.90 true34skd false23.

false2dt6 false*/Note: mine doesn't have the exponent part; for matching number with exponents, visit the site above :) While this is relatively simple example, I was unable find a clean method of doing this anywhere else, so I thought I would post it here.

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The authoritative source of information is Code.htmwhich I amended with the new postcode for Tristan da Cunha.

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